High School Teacher Kit

Green ABCs

$ 65.00 


Please note - Green ABCs™ offer two choices for kit delivery:  
1. We provide direct shipment to the teacher's school 
2. We provide a home delivery option

This kit includes:

10 Spiral Notebooks, 70-ct, college-ruled, from recycled paper

1 Box of #2 Pencils, 10 per box, from recycled material

10 Pack of Ballpoint Pens, 12 Each, Assorted Red, Blue, Black Ink, from recycled plastic

1 Roll of Tape, with dispenser, from plant-based materials

2 3-ring Binders, 1", with elastic closure, oxo-biodegradable plastic

1 Ruler 12"/30cm, from bamboo

1 Calculator, 8 digit solar powered, from recycled plastic

Highlighters, fine-tip, from recycled plastic

2 Black Permanent Markers, from recycled plastic with non-Toxic Ink

10 Reams of Filler Paper, 150 sheets, college-ruled, recycled paper